The Top Trendiest Pastel Tile Colors

When people think of pastel colors, they think soft, cheerful, and pretty. Pastel-colored tiles for your home are becoming a big thing for a good reason. Not only do they make a room look breathtaking, but most furniture can also complement the tiles well and make the room stand out. Below are some of the trendiest pastel tile colors for your home design in West Palm Beach. Home Design West Palm Beach

Why Are Pastel and Colorful Tiles Becoming Popular?

People want their spaces to be unique and personal, and colorful tile can inspire you into a cheerful mood. Not to mention, that they’re beautiful to look at! Choosing the color of your tile and décor is fun, and it allows you to express your creativity. Since the color of your space can affect your mood, people tend to choose lighter shades for a more peaceful area.

Trendy Pastel Colors

Here are some of the more popular and beautiful pastel tile colors you’ll want to incorporate into your home today!

Baby Blue

Baby blue tiles are a perfect choice if you want to give your space a waterfront or coastal vibe. According to color psychology, the color blue provides a relaxing and uplifting energy to the space. Therefore, you’ll want this shade in places like your bedroom to evoke relaxation. How can you use baby blue tiles in your space? It’s recently become a popular choice for backsplash designs. Not only does it make a room feel calmer, but it can also make it appear larger if you put baby blue tiles on the ceiling! Home Design West Palm Beach


If you’re looking for a neutral color, peach makes an excellent choice. It’s not as bright as pink, but it still gives you that beautiful peaceful color without it being too overwhelming. Peach tiles can also add warmth to your space when combined with the right accents. You can never go wrong with neutral!


Yellow tiles can bring happiness, joy, and energy to your space. It’s also known to help spark communication and creativity while stimulating memory. Yellow tiles are best in kitchens and dining rooms, but they can also make windowless hallways appear brighter. The best part about having yellow tiles is that it makes incorporating the rest of your décor so much easier. Most furniture or accents you choose will complement the room perfectly.

Mint Green

Green is an invigorating color that creates a fresh, clean look. It’s great for making your space appear more natural and harmonious. Green is also the most restful color on your eyes and can bring calmness and security to your room. Green tiles can be used anywhere in your home, and what you pair with them can determine the vibe you get in the room. For example, wooden accents can give a space with mint green tiles a natural and earthy vibe. Get a modern look by adding gray accents or a relaxing atmosphere with blue accents.

Tips for Maintaining Your Tile

Because of how light pastel tiles are, it’s essential to keep them clean so they continue to look beautiful. When it comes to maintaining your tiles, there are some things you should and shouldn’t do. Follow these helpful tips to keep your pastel tiles looking gorgeous for a long time.
  • Avoid cleaning products with heavy alkaline or acid
  • Wipe with a damp sponge or a soft cotton cloth
  • Don’t use everyday soap or detergent to clean your tiles
  • Do not use steel wool pads or other abrasive items to clean your tile
Home Design West Palm Beach

Are You Interested in Pastel Tiles for Your New Home Design in West Palm Beach?

We’d love to help make your home look pretty in pastel! At D&B, we’ll help you find the perfect pastel tile to add to your kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom. We’ll even find someone to install it for a picture-perfect finish. Contact us today for more information!