Maintaning & Caring for Your Tile Floor Investment

0d700fb0-7fe5-41d3-8ac2-31264287b925Maintaining your tile is just a fact of everyday life, and keeping up with your tile care & maintenance can be burdensome to your wallet. However, D&B Tile Distributors is here to help with our variety of cleaners for tile and grout and various tile sealers.

For Tile:

If you have stone tile, we have specific cleaning and sealing products to make the care and maintenance easier. Use our Stone Enhancer to preserve the shine and freshness in your stone tile, or use our Concentrated Stone and Tile Cleaner for regular maintenance. You will not be disappointed. For those stubborn stains, give our Poultice Stain Remover a try in order to effectively and efficiently abolish the blemish.

For Grout:

During the installation process of tile in your home, grout can get messy. For these instances, we offer cleaners such as Grout Haze Clean-up that keeps the clean-up process uncomplicated and less strenuous. Likewise, we also sell Grout Colorant to rejuvenate the color and seal your grout. Use Heavy Duty Tile and Grout Cleaner to prepare your grout surface to accept the sealer or grout colorant.

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For Relentless Grime:

Sometimes the muck on your tile is ruthless, and you need something more than just a simple cleaner to do the trick. For cases as such, try our Sulfamic Acid Cleaner, which, despite the name, is a mild, safe-to-use acid for hard cleaning jobs. Another option is the Heavy Duty Cleaner and Stripper to strip your floor from any hard-to-handle grime.

If you have any questions on caring for or maintaining your tile, contact us today.