Tile Variations and Shading: The Ins and Outs

Tile comes in countless colors,textures,shades and variations. With any fired product you will get different variations in the finished product and variations within every production run as well. The tile industry has created aclassification system in order to be able to classify these Tile Variations. It is important to understand the different classifications of the tile industry's color shade variations so that you can make an informed decision and complete your design vision. Following is the industry standard tile variation shading guidelines:


  • V1: Uniform Appearance- Little or no difference between production run pieces as the same glaze applications and texture.

  • V2: Slight Variation- There are clear and noticeable variations in texture and/or patterns inside like colors and shades.

  • V3: Moderate Variation- The colors and shades are indicative of what to expect throughout the production run, primary and secondary colors amounts will vary from piece to piece.

  • V4: Substantial Variation- Colors and shades will vary throughout production run, from tile to tile. The end result with these dramatic and random variations will be a truly unique design to any floor.

Make sure to acquaint yourself with this list before you go make your tile purchase. Most often you will be able to review the tile specifications to find the color shade variation rating.Also, reviewing several tile’s in the same production run so you are fully aware of all the different variations your tiles will have throughout the stock you are working with. Once you have selected the tile it is suggested that you lay out a few boxes before starting the installation process to assure that this is what you expect your floor or wall tile will look like after installing.

When you are ready to create that stunning floor and fulfill your design vision contact us or visit one of our nine showrooms to learn more about all the Tile Variationswe can offer to you!