Tips You Should Use for Your DIY Tile Installation Project

So, you’ve decided to take on a tiling project all on your own. There’s no need to worry! Though a project like this might seem daunting, D&B Tile Distributors has you covered with insider knowledge from professional tile installers in Palm Beach. Read through these tips carefully and to learn how you can avoid these common pitfalls of tile installation. How to install tile in Palm Beach?

Have You Measured? Well, Measure Again

Two of the most common mistakes made by amateur tile installers in Palm Beach are either buying too much tile or not enough. This can be easily avoided by taking at least two careful measurements of the area you’re planning on tiling. Also, don’t forget to measure the width of those baseboards. If your baseboards are thick, you would be looking at an inch or so of space from each wall. That may not sound like much, but it can easily add up in a large project. Therefore, many tile installers remove baseboards entirely before laying down the tile.

Always Buy a Little More than You Need

Tile installation can be as tricky as any other home improvement project. Be prepared to make mistakes! You’ll be happy you had extra material when you drop a heavy object and crack the tile, make a wrong cut, or simply don’t accounting for any awkward angles. We recommend you always buy 10-15% more tile than your measurements call for. This allows you a little bit of leeway for small errors without having to go back to the store. Plus, you never know when you’ll have to replace a section of tile in the future. Where are the best tile installers in Palm Beach?

Use the Right Equipment

Specifically, find the right trowel. A trowel is the hand tool used for applying and smoothing the material used to adhere the tile onto the floor. Professional tile installers in Palm Beach always emphasize using a trowel that matches the size of your tile. Using one too small will not leave deep enough notches on the adhesive material. Therefore, you may not be able to sufficiently adjust the tile once you set it on the floor.

Know Your Saws

Cutting tile can be rather difficult depending on the material. Without the right saw, you might find yourself cracking or otherwise breaking tile after tile. The key is to use a saw that is abrasive and not toothed. Furthermore, toothed saws make for harsher cuts and the teeth can get caught in small sections of the tile, leading to cracks. For a clean cut with little risk, you may want to use a diamond wet saw.

Mixing Your Grout

Amateur tile installers in Palm Beach often try to save time and elbow grease by mixing their grout with a drill or paddle. The problem with this method is when you mix the substance too rapidly, you leave tiny air bubbles that weaken the structural integrity of the grout decreasing its strength. The best approach is to mix grout with a trowel until you have a thick and vicus consistency that resembles peanut butter. Then let it sit for ten minutes before using it.

Now You’re Ready to Be Your Own Tile Installer in Palm Beach

By following these simple tips, you will be ready to do some high-quality tile installation in Palm Beach. Are you still unsure of which tile to use for your project? D&B Tile Distributors has you covered with our huge selection of tile designs and materials. Contact us today to learn more!