Top Bathroom Design Trends to Try in 2021

More and more people have been choosing to remodel their houses since they haven’t been able to go anywhere for the last year. We get it – if you’re mostly going to be in the house, why not make it look prettier? Of the people who plan to upgrade their homes this year, a large percentage plan to do a complete bathroom remodel. If you’re part of the group that’s interested in bathroom remodeling in Palm Beach, you’ll want to be aware of the most popular trends for this year. Bathroom Remodeling Palm Beach

Why Should You Update Your Bathroom?

Many homeowners upgrade their spaces for reasons other than making them look better. An updated bathroom can increase the home’s resale value and add functionality. Others enjoy staying up to date with the latest design trends. Sometimes, fixing an outdated bathroom can even make it safer to use. Ultimately, an updated bathroom should make you feel happy and be a worthwhile investment.

Popular Bathroom Design Trends

Knowing the latest bathroom design trends isn’t a bad idea if you’re considering a full remodel this year. You’ll find plenty of inspiration and get ideas to make your bathroom both functional and beautiful. Below are some of the popular designs you could consider trying when updating yours.

Larger Tiles

Many homeowners make the mistake of believing larger tiles will make their bathrooms appear smaller, but it’s actually the opposite. Even in the smallest rooms, bigger tiles will make the area appear more spacious and less cluttered. Perhaps the greatest advantage of large tiles is that there’s less grout for you to scrub when it’s time to clean them!

Warm Colors

Warmer colors make your home and bathroom seem more welcoming and comfortable. They also look the best with fun patterns and accessories if you want to take things up a notch. A good idea would be to have the floors, walls, and countertops the same color and find accents and fixtures that complement the bathroom well. Popular warm hues are moss green, charcoal, and ash gray. Bathroom Remodeling Palm Beach


Shelves are an excellent way to keep your bathroom organized while making it look trendy. It’s so easy for your bathroom to become cluttered due to all the grooming products, toiletries, and shower items. Installing shelves into your bathroom can not only keep things more organized, but they’re also readily available when you need them–no more searching through your cabinets for your shower loofah!

Thicker Countertops

The standard thickness of counters is generally between a quarter and one inch, but this year, we’re encouraging you to go bigger! Extra thick countertops are one of the latest trends for bathroom vanities that give them a high-end look. You can’t go wrong with a thick, beautiful countertop that will stand out in your bathroom.

Complete Shower Systems

After everything that’s happened in 2020, it’s about time we started treating ourselves in 2021. Complete shower systems allow you to have a full luxury spa in place of your regular old shower. These offer ceiling mount showerheads, body spray jets, and much more. There’s no better way to relax after a long day than by stepping into your complete shower system in your dream bathroom! Bathroom Remodeling Palm Beach

Are you Interested in Bathroom Remodeling in Palm Beach?

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