Touring Wonder Porcelain

Recently some of our executive team members and tile experts went out to the American Wonder Porcelain facilities in Lebanon, Tennessee to tour the factory and see first-hand their production of tile. All of this was a part of our tile vendor selection process which helps guarantee that our customers receive the best tile products around. At D&B Tile, we believe in delivering high-quality products that our customers can trust to last beautifully for many years to come. That's why we take product selection so seriously and we personally visit each of our vendors. Before any items make it into the D&B Tile stores, our team of professional tile experts look at a specific set of factors including reliability, where the materials are sourced, the reputation of the company, the manufacturing process, inventory levels, and their quality control. At the top of our list is reliability, where we assess not only the vendor's capability to deliver products on time but more importantly how reliable their products are. We want to ensure that every installation our customers complete will last for many years to come. Next, we take a look at the materials that are sourced to make the vendor's products. The main criteria is the durability; however, we review all practices relating to material sourcing. Because customer service is one of our main priorities, our team must ensure that our vendors also have stellar customer service. If there are any challenges that require a vendor to step up to the plate and put the customer first, we want to make sure they are ready and willing - while having proved that behavior in the past. While we visit the vendor, our team takes a tour of their factory and reviews their production facilities to check that the products are up to construction standards and codes. Then we take a look at the quality control efforts of the vendor. Even after products made, testing must be done to guarantee there are no flaws in the process. Finally, we check to make sure that each supplier maintains appropriate levels of inventory to provide our customers with their orders in a timely manner. Only after a supplier has met all the main standards, will they be selected as a vendor and showcased in one of our nine South Florida tile stores. After visiting American Wonder Porcelain, we're proud to announce we'll be carrying their lines of tile in all nine South Florida D&B Tile locations. Stop by any of our tile showrooms and speak to one of our tile experts to learn more.