Understanding Your Tile Options

Before installing tile in your Doral home, you need to find the right product. Luckily, there are many fantastic options to choose from, but it’s hard to know which one you’d prefer. 

Today, we’ll discuss the tile codes you need to know in order to understand your options. We’ll also discuss the differences between shopping online and shopping in the store. We hope this helps you find the tile of your dreams!

Doral Pool Tile Installation

Tile Codes 

Floor or Wall 

While they have many similar functions, it’s important to make sure you know whether you need floor or wall tile. Floor tile is designed for foot traffic, which means it will hold up to more wear-and-tear than wall tile. 

Slip Resistance 

How slippery a tile is will depend on its slip resistance. This means it’s important to understand how the tile will be used. Shower tile, for instance, needs a high slip resistance to accommodate the fact that it’s always wet while walked on. 

While living rooms should still have a bit of slip resistance, they won’t need it to the same extent. 

Sq. Ft. Per Carton 

When buying tile, it’s important to know how many square feet you’ll need. Along with making sure you have enough to cover the space you’re looking at, you’ll also want to have some left over. 

This is useful if you need to replace any tiles. You also want some extras to make sure you’re fully covering the space, since sometimes the shape of the tiles won’t fully match the shape of the room. 

If you’re unsure how much tile you need, we have several calculators available on our site: 


There are several different materials that tile can be made from. As we’ve discussed many times on this blog before, our number one recommendation is porcelain. 

Along with being easy-to-clean, porcelain tile is durable and eco-friendly. 


Tile can be made to look like many different kinds of material. Essentially, the aesthetic that you desire can be printed on the glaze. 

Stone-look and wood-look are two popular choices for homeowners who want the aesthetic of these materials, but also want the affordability and durability of porcelain. 

Shopping Online vs. In-Person 

As you’re no doubt aware, ecommerce shopping has become significantly more popular over the years. It’s hard to beat the convenience, but tile shopping is a major commitment. 

When possible, we recommend visiting one of our stores because there’s no substitute for being able to see and feel the tile. 

At the same time, we do our best to ensure you have as much information as possible on our stores. Understanding tile codes can be a major help for making sure you get something suitable for your space. 

Ecommerce shopping is ideal for people who have significant experience picking out tile, or people who have visited our store already but wanted to sit on the decision for a few days before making a purchase.

beautiful tile installed in doral, FL

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