Vinegar is for Salads . . . Grout Haze Clean-Up Makes Satisfied Customers

JerryWith every installation, the final step includes cleanup and eliminating grout haze. If you have to send a crew back to the job after a few days to deal with grout haze, you are losing money and time and annoying a customer. The old wives tale about vinegar and water makes for an acidic combination that can actually destroy grout over a period of time.Grout Haze Clean-Up byAquamix solves the problem. We spoke with Jerry Weiner, president ofJ.W. Associates, Inc. about his experience with the product.

"We are licensed tile and marble contractors in business since 1993. We have worked withD&B Tile Distributors since 1993 and have an excellent relationship with the management, sales personnel and warehouse staff. Over the years, the industry has evolved in many ways and especially with materials used to install and cleanup afterwards. As we all know, one of the key elements is a happy customer which allows us to move on to the next job. We need to leave the site clean. One of theproducts we have used recently is Grout Haze Clean-Up. When we finish grouting and rinse the floors we would often get a callback a few days later asking us to come out and deal with the haze. This product eliminates that problem. We install the tile, apply grout, rinsing the floor then use the Grout Haze Clean-Up as a final wipe.

"Since we have been using this product, we haven't had a single callback to deal with haze. If the customer's happy, theni'm happy because we don't have to make another trip back to a job already completed. And we can go on to the next job. I highly recommend this product. Our crews always carry this in the trucks. It works as advertised.

"We are long-time customers of D&B Tile. Whenever possible, we bring the customers to the store to see the incredible selection of quality products from around the world. As a contractor, I know that we are seeing the latest in materials andtools and our customers are able to select from a wide variety of porcelain tile,marble andglass products presented by a courteous and experienced sales staff."