What Can Whisper Mat® Products Do for Your Floors?

Ever stopped to think about your floors? They're more than mere surfaces; they influence your comfort, the sound in your space, and even your monthly energy bills. If you're looking to elevate your floor game, Whisper Mat® products are the answer! These extraordinary layers work silently beneath your feet to ensure optimal sound isolation. 

As top tile installers in Palm Beach, we're always on a mission to elevate your flooring experience. That's why team up with top providers to bring you the latest innovations. 

In this blog, you’ll learn about our new partner Whisper Mat®, and how their products can take your tile flooring to the next level! 

Whisper Mat provided by Tile Installers in Palm Beach


Whisper Mat® HW is your all-in-one solution for sound reduction and moisture resistance in flooring projects. It’s a membrane that consists of a sound-reduction polyolefin foam sheet and a rubber adhesive. 

Here's what makes it an excellent choice for your engineered wood plank, wood parquet, or laminate floors: 

Sound Transmission 

Whisper Mat® HW is an underlayment that reduces impact and airborne sound transmissions to the unit below. It has the following impressive ratings: 

  • 8" Concrete Floor with a Gypsum Board Ceiling Assembly: IIC 72 STC 71 
  • 8" Concrete Floor with No Ceiling: IIC 55 STC 53 
  • 6" Concrete Floor with No Ceiling: IIC 51 STC 52 
  • 16" Open Web Truss: IIC 54 STC 54 
  • Sound Transmission Reduction (Delta IIC): 22 

But what do these ratings mean? 

IIC (Impact Insulation Class): This score measures how good Whisper Mat® HW is at achieving sound reduction of footsteps, dropped objects, or other structure-borne sounds. The FBC (Florida Building Code) requires a rating of no less than 50 regardless of the floor and ceiling assembly, and of at least 45 if field-tested in accordance with ASTM E492. The higher the IIC score, the better the sound isolation. 

STC (Sound Transmission Class): STC is another rating that shows how effective Whisper Mat® HW is at isolating airborne sounds. According to the FBC, all floor and ceiling assemblies must have at least a 50 STC rating, and a 45 if field tested in accordance with ASTM E90. Just like with IIC, a higher STC score means it's better at handling sound transmission. 

Delta IIC (Sound Transmission Reduction): This number indicates the difference in sound levels before and after using Whisper Mat® HW, and the higher the number, the better. 

Moisture Barrier 

This Whisper Mat® product doesn't stop at sound isolation. When used with Protecto Seal Vapor Block, it acts as a shield, protecting your flooring from any slab moisture or vapor lurking underneath. No more worries about subfloor moisture causing damage to your beautiful floors! 

Easy Installation 

Whisper Mat® HW is designed with installers in mind. It's peel-and-stick, which means it's easy to apply. Although we recommend getting professional help, you don't need to be a flooring expert to make the most of this product. 

However, remember to apply acoustical caulking around the edges and any joints where tiles meet other surfaces (called abuts) or where there are changes in the direction of the surface (known as planes). This step will help minimize the transmission of sound through these areas and contribute to better sound insulation in the tiled space. 

Thin Yet Effective 

Despite its impressive sound insulation and moisture control abilities, Whisper Mat® HW measures just 1/8 inches. Therefore, it won't add unnecessary bulk to your flooring installation while still delivering outstanding performance. 

Radiant Heat Friendly 

If you have radiant heated subfloors, you're in luck! Whisper Mat® HW is A-okay to use over them, so you can enjoy warmth and coziness without any worries. 


Finally, Whisper Mat® HW is not only effective but also budget-friendly. It offers premium sound reduction and moisture control without breaking the bank. 

Whisper Mat® LVT 

Whisper Mat® LVT is a unique sheet membrane designed to put an end to pesky structure-borne and airborne sounds traveling through your floors. 

Unlike Whisper Mat® HW, which is tailored for engineered hardwood and laminate, Whisper Mat® LVT focuses on luxury vinyl and can be installed as floating, single-glued, or double-glued underlayment. 

Whisper Mat® LVT has the following traits: 

High Sound Reduction Ratings 

Whisper Mat® LVT has been put to the test, and it passes with flying colors when it comes to sound isolation. 

With luxury vinyl tiles and planks, Whisper Mat® LVT excels at reducing sound. 

  • On a regular 6" concrete floor without a ceiling, Whisper Mat® LVT gets an IIC rating of 57 and a STC rating of 51. 
  • If you have a ceiling assembly, Whisper Mat® LVT gets an impressive IIC rating of 73 and an STC rating of 63.
  • Whisper Mat® LVT has a Delta IIC rating of 27. 
  • When used on a regular 6" concrete floor without a ceiling, Whisper Mat® LVT has an IIC rating of 54 and a 50 STC rating. 
  • With a ceiling assembly, the IIC rating goes up to 67 and the STC rating reaches 63. 
  • Whisper Mat® LVT also makes a big difference in sound isolation with laminate tiles and planks, with a Delta IIC rating of 23. 

Varied Approved Substrates 

Whisper Mat® LVT can work its magic over different surfaces, such as Cement Backer Board and Cured Concrete. 

Size and Convenience 

Each roll of Whisper Mat® LVT measures 30" by 80', which makes it a convenient and versatile choice for your flooring needs. 

Whisper Mat® CS 

Whisper Mat® CS is a peel-and-stick sheet membrane designed to reduce sound, isolate your finished flooring from subfloor cracks, and ensure your tile floor is at its best! 

Outstanding Sound Reduction 

Whisper Mat® CS has undergone rigorous testing to prove its worth in the world of sound reduction. Here are the ratings that reveal just how exceptional it is: 

  • IIC of 50 and STC of 55 for 6″ concrete floor with no ceiling 
  • IIC of 55 and STC of 63 for 18″ Open Web Truss 
  • IIC and STC of 72 for 8″ concrete floor with a gypsum board ceiling 
  • IIC of 51 and STC of 56 for 8″ concrete floor without ceiling 

Plus, Whisper Mat® CS makes a significant difference in reducing sound transmission, with a remarkable delta IIC of 22. 

Class A Flame Spread Rating 

You can rest easy knowing Whisper Mat® CS meets strict safety standards, making sure your fire safety concerns are taken care of. 

Moisture Resistant 

Whisper Mat® CS exceeds the minimum moisture resistant requirements set by the Tile Council of North America and the American National Standards Institute. When installed with Protecto LM Liquid Membrane, the underlayment can make your floors more resilient to potential water damage. 

Crack Isolation 

Whisper Mat® CS is tough as nails. It can handle some horizontal structural movement and concrete shrinkage cracks up to 3/8 inches. Your tiles will stay looking their best! 

Light Commercial Load Rating 

If you're thinking about using it for a small business or commercial space, go ahead! Whisper Mat® CS is up for the task, giving you sturdy options for your flooring projects. 

Approved over Radiant Heated Subfloors 

Love the idea of toasty warm floors? Whisper Mat® CS does too! It's compatible with radiant heated subfloors, so you can enjoy cozy comfort underfoot. 

Thin System 

Whisper Mat® CS is as thin as other members of the Whisper Mat® family. It's like having all the benefits without the bulk, ensuring a sleek and stylish finish for your ceramic and natural stone tile flooring. 

Applications of Whisper Mat® Products 

Whisper Mat® products are like versatile problem solvers for all your flooring needs, whether you're looking to create a peaceful home, a bustling commercial space, or anything in between. 

  1. Kitchens: Cooking up a storm in the kitchen? Whisper Mat® can achieve noise insulation of footsteps and kitchen equipment to the unit below. 
  2. Office Spaces: In the workplace, a quiet environment is essential for focus and productivity. Whisper Mat® helps create a serene office atmosphere by reducing noise through the floor. 
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