What Makes Your Floor Tiles Crack?

No one wants to walk on a damaged or cracked floor tile. Not only are cracked floor tiles Pompano unappealing, but they can also degrade the value of your house. In case you see your floor tiles crack, you will have to contact D&B Tile Distributors as soon as possible.

Reasons Why Your Tile Crack

Cracked Concrete Substrate

If a crack appears across several tiles, this is an indication that the concrete underneath has some issues. It may be due to a cracked concrete substrate or insufficient filling of concrete. To prevent cracks in your floor tiles Pompano, D&B recommends that you seek the help of contractors to install a crack isolation membrane.

Spaced And Control Joints Improperly Installed

The purpose of joints is to give support to everything above it, including furniture, people, tiles, underlayment, subfloor, and everything else. Nevertheless, if your contractor places the joints too far apart, your floor tile will have nothing underneath to back all the weight. As a consequence, the floor tiles Pompano will eventually crack. When homeowners notice a crack in their tiles, they will immediately conclude that it has something to do with the quality of the tile. Although tile quality may also be one of the reasons for cracked tiles, it is not the only one. It may also be due to improper installation of control joints. Every floor repair contractor knows that the concrete underneath is susceptible to cracking. Hence, control joints are used to address this concern. Once it is placed in the wrong place, it will more likely cause your floor tiles Pompano to crack.

Heavy Stationary Loads

Floor tiles have their limitations. Every contractor must comply with the ASTM C648 Breaking Strength standards to prevent damage to your tiles. The measures will guarantee that your floor tiles can withstand a pressure of 250 pounds per square inch. Likewise, floor tiles may crack if something substantial was dropped. who offers the best home design west palm beach?

Get Superior Floor Tiles Pompano Quality!

The common reason why floor tiles crack is due to its quality. Inferior quality will always give you a problem because the materials are not made to withstand pressure. To get quality floor tiles Pompano, reach out to us through this link!