When You Want “Truly Unique” Tile, We Have It At D&B Tile

We have all heard of “Writer’s Block.” It happens when an author sits down to begin a novel, short story or screenplay. Ideas are swirling around, and as soon as he/she sits down at the computer, everything goes blank. A similar situation can occur when it comes time to remodel.



Exclusively available at D&B Tile, Refin Ceramiche pulled out all the stops on their new line of rectified porcelain tile with a distinct taste of the Pavarotti Modena Municipal Theatre in Modena, Italy.

We are all bombarded with commercials and print ads touting “the lowest prices of the season,” “half off our leading brands,” and other claims. South Florida is awash in locations that sell porcelain and ceramic tile, marble, stone and granite products.


Regardless of whether you are a homeowner, an architect, designer, interior decorator or a contractor, how do you begin the creative process and make your home or creative project stand out from the rest?


D&B Tile Distributors has served the South Florida market for 50 years and is the preferred destination for the design community because it seeks out and presents unique products from reliable manufacturers, all of which are presented by an experienced and knowledgeable sales staff of professionals with a lifetime of experience in the industry. This line of rectified porcelain tile from Italy is a perfect example of how the company thinks.




When the big box retail stores make buying decisions, the most important factor is price. Before D&B Tile decides to feature a manufacturer in their nine stores, a team of managers, sales people, and designers are invited to a presentation by the factory representative. They consider sizes, styles, textures, quality control, delivery time, reputation, variety and the willingness of the manufacturer to stand behind their product. Once that is determined, a team will visit the factory, which may be in Italy, Spain, North or South America.



Dedicated to Luciano Pavarotti in 2007, the Municipal Theatre of Modena boasts a prestigious history, dating back more than 170 years when it first opened its doors to the public in 1841.


Refin wanted to tap into the soul, culture, and tradition of this environment where evenings never ended. Wood sections from the stage and foyer have been carefully scanned, including stage marks and posters of the performing arts. By scanning and printing over 40 different designs, Refin has brought to life an outstanding porcelain wood-look tile not seen previously in the market. It is exclusive in South Florida to D&B Tile.


The structure was obtained by molding the actual plans and parquets present at the Modena Municipal Theatre which led to the creation of four products with four different structures. The tiles come in 10x60 and 30x30 sizes and are rectified to allow close installation.


Color digital technology allows a minimum of 300 dpi (dots per inch) definition and gives a unique textured surface with a slight 3D look and feel.



Ceramiche Refin has been a presence on the international market since 1962 and is part of the Gruppo Concorde, the largest ceramic group in Europe. The company has recently completed the re-modernisation and broadening of its offices and production plant in Salvaterra, including a renovated head office and the opening of its first flagship showroom, a meeting point for architects and designers in the heart of Milan Refin Studio.


The products offered by D&B Tile are carefully screened before they are presented to our customers. This line is one of many presented. The design community turns first to D&B Tile for their residential and commercial customers. Homeowners can enjoy the same confidence.


See this and many other lines of porcelain tile, marble, and stone in any of our nine tile showroom locations. The first step to a beautiful design is stepping into D&B Tile.