Why is My Floor Tile Cracking?

Floor Tiles Pompano makes an elegant addition to your home. It is easy to clean and customize, but constant foot traffic may lead to tile brittleness, which would, later on, result in cracked tile. However, there are solutions you can take to mitigate the tile from breaking. Before you prevent it, you must first know the different causes of cracked floor tiles. are floor tiles pompano worth it?

Causes of Cracked Floor Tiles

Premature Concrete Substrate

The compactness of your floor tiles depends on how long the concrete settled down. When you pour in the concrete, all the water must evaporate before placing the tiles since the premature concrete substrate is often the cause of cracked floor tiles. According to the Tile Council of America, the new concrete cure must be for at least 27 days.

Improperly Installed Space Joists

Joists are wood beams which are responsible for holding everything. It serves to keep the people who are on top of the floor, the pieces of furniture, tiles, and mortars. Do note that with floor tiles, minimal deflection is better. Your joists must not be placed too far apart to prevent deflection on your subfloor.

Don’t Have Movement Joints

Installing floor tiles without movement joints is one of the many causes of cracked tiles—all tiles must-have expansion or movement joints installed at its transitions and perimeters. Failure to place expansion joints will slowly destroy your subfloor.

Heavy Loads

Every tile flooring contractor knows that floor tiles must comply with specific standards. It must undergo an ASTM C648 Break Strength Ceramic Tile Test Machine to guarantee that your tiles can withstand a 250-pound pressure per square inch. Likewise, the ceramic tile test machine involves the determination of breaking point of paver tiles, quarry tiles, ceramic mosaic tiles, and glazed ceramic tiles. what is floor tiles pompano?

Say Hello to High-Quality Floor Tiles Pompano!

Inferior floor tile is the common reason why tiles easily crack. At D&B Tile Distributors, you are guaranteed that all tiles you purchased are of high-quality since we only sell tiles that comply with the ASTM and ANSI testing standards. Call us or send us a message to ask about our services.