Why Tile Is Great for Homeowners with Allergies

West Palm Beach is considered one of the five worst cities for allergies because of how much pollen it has. Tile installers in Palm Beach can help since allergens don’t cling to tile the way they do carpet and other materials. Wondering why? Let’s discuss the qualities that make tile so good for homeowners with allergies. We’ll also discuss how the way you clean your floor can impact your allergies. 


Why Don’t Allergens Cling to Tile? 

If you have allergies, you want a surface that is: 

  • Non-porous – When a surface absorbs water, it’s more likely to create humid conditions that encourage the growth of irritants like mold and fungi. This is one of the major reasons why tiled walls are also preferable to wallpaper for many allergy sufferers. 
  • Inorganic – Organic floors can give off volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which in turn aggravate allergies. Along with being non-porous, ceramic and porcelain tile are both typically made from inorganic materials, such as clay and sand. These qualities make them great for homeowners in need of hypoallergenic flooring. 

Why Are VOCs Bad for Allergies? 

VOCs are terrible for air quality, and researchers have found a correlation between VOC exposure and children with allergy issues. This negative air quality impacts everyone, it’s just that people with allergies, asthma, or other breathing issues are most likely to notice it. Along with being made from inorganic materials, ceramic and porcelain tile are heated at high temperatures. This burns off any organic compounds, helping protect your nose from irritants.

What Flooring Should I Use Outside If I Have Allergies? 

Depending on how bad your allergies are, they may be irritated when you walk outside regardless of the material used for your floors. That said, tile can be used outside. The fact that allergens don’t cling to it is one of the many reasons it can be great for use on an outdoor porch, balcony, or pool deck. 

What If I Have Pets? 

It’s just as easy to clean pet-related allergens off tile as it is to clean off other allergens. For this reason, if you’re concerned that your pet might be causing allergy-related issues for someone, tile is an excellent choice. To learn more about pet owners and ceramic tile, check out this newsletter. 

How Cleaning Your Floor Can Impact Your Allergies 

Along with choosing the right flooring, you also want to ensure you’re not cleaning it in a way that worsens the issue. Your best option is to clean the surface with a wet cloth, which can wipe away any allergens resting on the tile. This works better than it does for other materials, which may have absorbed the irritants – and it allows you to avoid using store-bought floor cleaners, which can often irritate your allergies further. 


Looking for Tile Installers in Palm Beach, FL?  

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