East Boca Condominium Remodel by GGL Construction is “Perfection”

Mike and Ed used to live in south Florida but moved to central Florida in 2000 with new jobs. “We always talked about moving back. In 2017, we both retired and decided it was time to return to this area. We looked online and realized there was not a lot of new construction. We wanted a condo, not on the beach, but with a view. We discovered that everything needed to be remodeled. After we accepted that, we started looking for a contractor,” said Ed. “We found GGL Construction online. Angie’s List and Home Advisor gave them high marks. We liked the fact they were a family-owned business. This condo has very strict rules for remodeling. I contacted Greg Labbad with GGL Construction. Even before I said anything, he said he knew exactly what we needed. He understood the rules and we hired his company. According to Mike, “We’re focused on quality. With GGL, it has to be done right. Everything was perfect. If not, it was done again. Subcontractors were amazing. All were focused on customer service and doing the job with perfection. I have recommended GGL to several people. I would highly recommend them. We are very particular customers. Their work is outstanding. It is perfection. Friends have come to see it and knew what it was before. They are overwhelmed. This is the New York loft I have always wanted.” According to Greg, “We added some custom touches including a soffit over the master bedroom for lights. We did a lot of cool accents, backlighting and LED. Lots of new materials are slim and give us the ability to only drop a ceiling an inch or two for installation. After demo was done, we found evidence of work below code. A lot of wiring was done with a wire not in a metal conduit. That wouldn’t have passed inspection. We brought everything up to code. We follow the rules. Some are permitted; some are not. It’s done to the building code and permit. Everything passed inspection the first time around. “Because we are in a condo on the sixth floor, additional rules were in place. The elevator was required to be kept clean and with paper on the floor at all times. The lobby area had to be uncluttered. We had no complaints from HOA. And, we actually received compliments from them about that”, said Ed. According to Mike, “Distributors were excellent. D&B tile and Cristiane in the Delray store helped us pick out floor tiles and backsplash. Her taste was excellent. She narrowed it down to a few pieces and gave us limited choices and her recommendations. No one wants to choose from 50 different pieces of tile. Light Bulbs Unlimited was our lighting store. They were excellent in picking lighting and ceiling fans. Also happy with the Z Gallery in Mizner. They were great in picking out accent pieces. They had wonderful taste and helped us with accent pieces in different rooms in the house.” See these beautiful tiles and many other selections of tile, marble and stone from around the world at any of our nine conveniently located stores. Remember, the first step to beautiful design is stepping into D&B Tile. Photographs and article by G. Richard Booth