Finding the Right Countertops for Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important areas of your home. Whether you’re making a meal for the whole family or just looking for something to snack on, it’s important to create a space where you’ll feel comfortable. You may also want to impress guests by making it look stunning! 

Today, we want to discuss why we recommend porcelain tile for kitchen countertops. We’ll also go over some tips to keep in mind when trying to find the countertops that perfectly match your kitchen design in Palm Beach.

Porcelain is a great choice for your palm beach kitchen design

The Advantages of Porcelain Tile 

There are many different kinds of materials you can use for your kitchen countertops, such as marble, glass, or granite.  

That said, we recommend porcelain tile above all else, and it’s not hard to see why. This material can withstand the day-to-day rigors of the kitchen, since it’s stain-resistant, moisture-resistant, scratch-resistant, chip-resistant and more. 

It’s also durable, which means you don’t have to worry about needing to replace it every few years. When you make the choice to buy porcelain countertops, you’re choosing to design a kitchen that will last for many years to come. 

Finding the Right Porcelain Tile for Your Kitchen Countertop 

When choosing porcelain for your countertop, it’s essential to think of how it will coordinate with other aspects of the room. This means considering: 

If you really like a tile, you may choose to use it in multiple areas. For instance, it’s not uncommon to use the same tile for both your kitchen countertop and your kitchen floor.  

Alternatively, you may want to choose a countertop and floor that complement one another. For instance, it’s common to try matching a neutral tile with a more colorful tile. You may also choose to match a patterned tile with one that doesn’t have a pattern. 

Finally, some homeowners also choose to match their kitchen tile with their bathroom tile, though this is a personal choice. 

If you’re unsure which direction you want to go, it’s a good idea to visit a store in-person to take a look at the various tiles on display. You may also choose to speak with an interior designer, who will be able to provide you with potential options based on your vision for the space. 

What Porcelain Do We Recommend for Your Kitchen Countertop? 

At D&B Tile, we spend a lot of time finding the best suppliers for our products. This means going to events like Coverings and CERSAIE, as well as taking the time to truly understand the ways these suppliers work. 

That’s why we can say with high confidence that Atlas Concorde supplies incredible porcelain. They have a variety of collections that you can check out on their site, and you can even take a look at their Inspiration page if you’re unsure where to start. 

StonePeak is another incredible supplier. You can take a look at their collections here.

This Palm Beach Kitchen Design is Made Even Better With Porcelain Tile

Need Help with Your Palm Beach Kitchen Design? 

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