Glass Tile Delray Beach | Choosing Glass Tile for Your Kitchen Backsplash

There are tons of decisions to be made when remodeling a kitchen. Oftentimes, there’s usually not enough time to make them. Choosing a kitchen backsplash may seem like an easy task, but it can be complicated. You’ll want to spend time on the design details of your kitchen backsplash as it will affect your overall kitchen design. Bathroom and kitchen backsplash areas usually just continue whatever material was used with the countertop. However, for some time now, the use of glass tile Delray Beach has been the trendy option for backsplashes. This is because glass tile tends to catch and reflect light and brightens up the often dim spaces beneath overhanging wall cabinets. Glass tile is one of the easiest to clean, thus making it a natural addition for backsplash areas.

Tips in Selecting and Installing Glass Tiles for Backsplashes

If you have decided that glass tiles would look great for your kitchen or bath design, consider these basic tips in selecting and installing them:
  • If you’re on a budget, consider incorporating a band of glass tiles as an accent among cheaper tiles such as ceramics.
  • Mosaic glass tiles are ideal for DIY installations since they are typically mounted on a mesh backing.
  • If you have limited space in your bath or kitchen, choose lighter and more transparent tiles. They reflect the lightest and will make space feel larger.
  • Choose the backsplash colors carefully so you can mix and match shades that compliment your wall color or countertop materials.
  • Always secure extra tiles as a few may be broken during the installation process.
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Ready to Get Started on Your Kitchen Backsplash? Get Glass Tile Delray Beach!

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