Handmade Tile

Over the years, we’ve supplied all kinds of tile for installation in Doral and the rest of South Florida. While many people prefer mass-produced tiles, there are also artisans out there who make tiles by hand. The exact process varies depending on the artisan, but they’ll arrange the tiles, glaze them, and more. 

Today, we wanted to discuss why some people prefer handmade tiles to mass-manufactured ones and also take a look at some mass-manufactured tiles inspired by tile artisans. 

We work with contractors who specialize in handmade-inspired tile installation in Doral

The Appeal of Handmade Tiles 

Mass-produced tiles hold many advantages over handmade tiles, most notably in their cost-effectiveness and the precision of their designs. That said, some people find that there’s an appeal to the imperfections of handmade tiles. 

Ironically, there can be a level of craftsmanship in the imperfections: it feels more natural when edges vary from tile to tile or the color is inconsistent. 

Of course, along with the appeal of getting something handmade, there’s also the fact that these tiles have all the advantages we can expect from other ceramic tiles. 

They don't contain VOCs, formaldehyde, PVC, or other irritants, and they're more eco-friendly than other types of flooring. They can be used throughout the house, and it’s possible to apply all kinds of glazes to their surface. 

Handmade Tiles and Handmade-Inspired Tiles 

If the aesthetics of handmade tiles appeal to you, you may be wondering how to incorporate them into your own project. There are incredible handmade tiles available on the market, but there are also some interesting, mass-produced tiles that are inspired by artisans. Bati Oritent offers some great examples.  

While their tiles are mass-produced, they feature an eye-catching variegation that makes them feel handmade. For instance, their wood look tiles go beyond just wood look. Depending on the product you choose, they can also incorporate gold, silver, and more into the design.  

In the past, clients have been impressed with how these tiles look. Additionally, the fact that they’re made from porcelain means you can rest easy knowing they will be durable and easy-to-maintain. 

Should You Get Handmade Tile or Mass-Produced Tile?

If you’re having trouble choosing between handmade tile or handmade-inspired tile, we recommend speaking with a design expert. They’ll be able to present you with various options and speak to your specific situation. 

Handmade tile installation in Doral

Are You Looking for Tile to Install in Doral? 

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