How to Properly Perform Complex Tile Installations

Do you have a floor that you hate? Maybe it's stained, overly worn, or flat-out ugly. Whatever the case may be, you want to start fresh. A great upgrading option is to place new tile directly over your existing flooring. Many of our clients choose tile flooring in West Palm Beach because of the beauty and convenience–will you be next? Tile Flooring West Palm Beach

What Can I Tile Over?

Under the right circumstances, you can tile over most preexisting flooring, which more and more homeowners have begun to do. Here is a list of floors that you can tile over under the right conditions:
  • Concrete
  • Linoleum
  • Tile
  • Vinyl

How is Tiling Over an Old Floor Beneficial?

While there are many benefits, but it isn't for everyone. There are a few things to watch for, such as uneven floors, cracked tiles, and weak floors. These conditions can lead to the new flooring going down incorrectly or the new tiles cracking. In the case of hardwood floors, installation can take a lot of time and energy. You will need to sand down the floor, tighten the planks so they don't move, and ensure the floor is level. With all that's involved, tearing it out and then tiling may be easier and faster.

Save Time and Money

Whether you do the job yourself or hire a contractor, the less work involved saves you money. Paying demolition fees can get out of hand, and not to mention, the longer you aren't working, the less money you'll be bringing in. Cutting costs by cutting time is a win-win situation. Demolition also leads to the risk of damaging the other parts of your home. A simple demo can quickly turn into an emergency repair if you aren't careful. By laying tile over your existing floor, you can safely avoid unforeseen expenditures that can put you over budget. The time spent demoing could be time devoted to installing. If you're crunched for time, why not take the shortcut? If you can only devote a weekend to laying a new floor down, cutting out the demo goes a long way to a restful and satisfying Sunday night. Specialty demolition contractors that use specific removal equipment and vacuums can also reduce 90% of the dust and dirt. Tile Flooring West Palm Beach

Laying Tile Over Your Existing Floor

The steps involved in tiling over current flooring varies based on what you're laying the new floor over. While not overly complicated, it can trip up those doing so their first time. To successfully install your new floor, here are tips to avoid so you can do it like the pros.

Tiling Over Concrete

Concrete can be tricky to tile over. Concrete tends to develop cracks that need to be filled in and repaired before you start. If the crack is more significant than 1/8 inch, the entire slab must be removed and repoured; repairing large cracks can lead to problems in the future. Besides, tile is better than concrete because it isn't porous, but concrete is. Finally, you may want to invest in an isolation kit. These are membranes that provide a thin cushion between the tiles and the concrete. Membranes protect the tiles each time the concrete beneath them expands or shrinks; these shifts could easily crack the tile if membranes aren't utilized.

Installing Over Tile

The tiles' top surface is typically too smooth to be a suitable base for new floors. To proceed, you will need to rough the current floor up. The best way to do so is by using 80-grit sandpaper. This way, you can replace the old tile with one that's much easier to clean. The next step is to fill in low spots in the grout and correct high spots if you have any; the new tiles must fit flatly, or they'll break. Hardwood flooring is often impossible to tile over because wood shifts and can bend under the weight of footsteps. Besides, why have a wood floor when you have a fire-resistant floor with tile? Lastly, once the tiles are roughed up and the grout lines are corrected, you'll need the correct thin-set. A mixture of cement, fine sand, and water will firmly fasten the new tiles to those of yesterday! One of our top recommendations is Laticrete, which comes with warranties ranging from five years to a lifetime depending on the use of grout. We also recommend large format thin-sets, such as the LHY, LHT Plus, and 4-XLT.

Covering Up Vinyl or Linoleum

This is one of the trickiest floors to tile over and should be avoided unless you need to. However, if you physically can't remove the flooring, you will need the correct thin-set and backer board to adhere firmly to tile and vinyl. For recommendations, you will need to contact the manufacturers of the thin-set and backer boards. Tile Flooring West Palm Beach

Ready For New Tile Flooring in West Palm Beach?

If you're ready to start upgrading with tile, look no further than us. We have been providing top-quality products for the past 50 years and are eager to assist you with the floors you've always wanted. The only remaining question is, what tile is right for you?