Meet Maria Toledo, Showroom Sales Manager

Maria Toledo joined D&B Tile Distributors on back in 2012. Matter of fact, it was on Halloween day, but there was nothing scary about it because Maria had already been in the tile industry for over 25 years and the D&B Tile Family welcomed her in with open arms. “My favorite part is helping customers to turn dreams into reality. I love working with colors, textures, and design trends. I’m not afraid of bold colors, exciting accents, and interesting looks but my main goal is to understand each customer’s unique style. No matter what their budget is, I will find something they will love,” Maria says. “It’s an honor to work with D&B Tile because it is a family-oriented company where everybody is important. Customers are important. Employees are important. Plus, it’s easy to enjoy a company when you share the same core values.” Born and raised in Venezuela, Maria is fully bilingual, speaking both Spanish and English. Her family is comprised of a wide variety of heritages. Her father was Cuban while her mother is from Spain, her grandmother was Chinese and she has cousins that are Argentinean, Puerto Rican, Italian, Spanish, American, and Chinese. Maria graduated from High School at the young age of 16 and then traveled to New York to get her Software Development & Computer System Analysis degree. Afterwards, she went back home to her family in Venezuela until she decided to try out Miami in 1987 and work in the tile industry. She’s been here ever since and absolutely loves it. When she’s not at D&B Tile, Maria loves to cook for friends and family. She’s even promised that if you stop by D&B Tile of Doral, she’ll share an incredible recipe with whoever asks. Her favorite is Pasticcio, a traditional Italian lasagna. Maria also likes to unwind with a good movie, get some adventure with horseback riding, letting loose on the dancing floor, and traveling to new places. As she says, “Travel has given me my second degree, Culture.” Next time you’re in the area, stop into D&B Tile of Doral and Maria will be happy to help you create a beautiful new bathroom, a stunning swimming pool, a cozy fireplace, or even a whole new look for your home. “There are no limits to our imagines together,” Maria says. She is a true problem solver whether you need help with design, getting the best grout cleaner, or even inspired renovations like a grout stain. No matter your tile need, she and the D&B Tile team are here to help!