The Pros and Cons of Glass Tile

At D&B Tile, we work with a variety of different tiles that can beautify your home. While we often recommend porcelain tile, there are also situations where glass tile is an excellent choice. 

Today, we’ll discuss everything you’ll want to consider if you’re thinking about purchasing glass tile in Delray Beach. We hope this helps you find your preferred tile. 

Delray Beach Glass Tile

The Pros of Glass Tile 

No Water Absorption 

Glass has no water absorption, which makes it excellent for areas like backsplashes, showers, and other areas where there is a significant amount of water. You won’t need to use sealant to ensure that the tile doesn’t absorb any moisture. 

Easy to Clean 

Glass tile is one of the easiest kinds of material to clean. Store-bought cleaning products work well, but it's important to make sure not to choose a product that’s too harsh. Our favorite brand for this purpose is Omni. 


Glass tile is resistant to bacteria, mold, and mildew. Plus, the fact that glass is so easy to clean means it’s easier to keep a glass-tiled space hygienic! 

Makes a Space Look Stunning 

Glass tile is stunning because of the way that it reflects light. It can make a space look bigger while also drawing your eye with its glimmering. Of course, to take advantage of this fact it’s important to make sure you’re cleaning it regularly. 

The Cons of Glass Tile 


While it comes with several different advantages, glass is one of the more expensive tile materials. Ceramic is typically more affordable. 


While glass tile is easy to clean, it is important to maintain it regularly. You also want to make sure that you’re treating it well. It’s not scratch-resistant or stain-resistant the way that porcelain is. 

What If Glass Tile Isn’t Right for Your Project? 

While glass tile can be excellent for certain situations, it isn’t always the right choice. In situations where you need tile with more durability, we’re likely to recommend porcelain tile. 

Porcelain tile has many of the same advantages as glass, since it’s easy-to-clean and extremely water-resistant. That said, it also doesn’t require the same level of maintenance as glass tile. 

Glass Tile Ideas 

We offer a variety of different kinds of glass tile. While we encourage you to visit one of our stores to look at it in-person, our two favorite brands for glass tile are Anthology and Artistry in Mosaics. 

Both suppliers have proven that they are excellent suppliers of glass tile, which is why we’re so proud to offer them in our store. 

If you’re struggling to determine which glass tile would be right for your space, one of the tile experts at our store would also be happy to present various options to you.

Glass Tile in Delray Beach, FL

Looking for Glass Tile in Delray Beach? 

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