World Traveler Brings International Design to Home Remodeling Projects

To say that Caryl Cadigan flips houses would be an extreme understatement. She literally brings a world of experience from different countries and cultures to bear in what could be considered an art form. Her most current project is an older home in Delray Beach, FL. “I have been based part time in Delray for the last 17 years. During that time, I have remodeled a number of homes; not just here but in different parts of the country as well as different parts of the world. I don’t recall how I found D&B but likely from one of the people who worked for me. Back in those days, I actually laid my own tile and did a lot of the work myself. When I went to D&B Tile in Delray Beach, I needed the personal attention because I do a lot of the work myself. I don’t farm out what I can do on my own. “It was vital to me to have the sales personnel tell me what needs to be done and how to do it. That’s the primary reason why I stuck with them through many projects. I no longer lay the tile myself, but I still like the personal aspects of dealing with D&B Tile. “My background stems from a science degree and working with the Coral Reef Foundation. I worked with them around the world and acquired a set of aesthetics through travel. When I came back to the states and started flipping houses, I started with landscaping. Then I had the opportunity to do entire houses as well. “I’ve done this in Asia, Australia and Bali, Philippines and Africa. With these experiences, I put together a portfolio of styles that I use. I go every year to Bali. It got me globally sensitive. The world is a moveable feast. I enjoy all the tastes and flavors the world has to offer. I never met a ceremony I didn’t like. I bring that with me. I have a warehouse with Balinese products and I invite my neighbors to take part in a Balinese pavilion. I try to incorporate my global flavors with what I do with the houses. “I’ve been in this house for a year and a half. This is the third house on this street that I have flipped. I was aware when the people passed away. I came in and found that there had been a cat living here by itself for six months. The house was in dire straits. The wallpaper was dated and there was a strong smell of ammonia from the cat’s presence. You could only stay in here for a few minutes because of the smell. It required a complete gutting to get rid of the odor. I immediately knew it would be a perfect fit for what I do. It’s close to the beach and it is the perfect size house for what I do. The main thing I look for is the overall condition and the yard. It has to have a decent size yard. “With every house I flip, I pick a style such as a Greek format, urban or the beach. I decide on that before I begin. With that, I ask advice. Christina at the Delray D&B store was great and provided me with information and selections. The Atlas wood look was perfect for what I wanted. I hired my own tile contractor which was Residential Renovating. Fred Schmuck is the owner. They always do great work for me. They also build decks, as well as tile installation. “I do have a group of regular contractors I use. Most of them become friends as well. This is my life. I purchase a house, remodel it, sell or rent it and move on. “This is my best one yet. This Atlas line is exactly what I wanted. The driftwood look fits perfectly with my design. Christine and the whole staff at D&B are wonderful. They all know my name and welcome me. I will certainly be back for my next project, wherever that may be.” Floor tile used throughout this project was Axi, by Atlas Concorde featuring the aged effect of old wood look marked by the ravages of time. Axi interprets, in a contemporary way, different wood essences enhanced by the natural ravages of time on surfaces rich in intriguing chromatic contrasts. Backsplash in the kitchen is beveled white 3x6 tiles by American Olean. To see this beautiful tile by Atlas Concorde and American Olean, along with many others, visit any of our nine conveniently located stores throughout South Florida. Remember, the first step to beautiful design is walking into D&B Tile. Photography and article by G. Richard Booth (954) 295-2154.