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If you are thinking about purchasing tile flooring, there are several pros and cons you should consider. Many homeowners appreciate the versatile qualities of tile especially that they are water and stain-resistant. This makes tile a popular flooring choice. Visiting tile stores in Hialeah Florida will give you a perspective on what would look best for your home in terms of color, size, and patterns.

Reasons Why Tile Is Better Than Carpet

The choice of flooring is certainly important whether you are remodeling an older home or building a new one. Aside from being functional, your choice of flooring should have an aesthetic appeal and blends in the design of each individual space. Are you conflicted about whether or not to choose tiles over carpet? We’ll give you a few reasons why you should choose tiles over carpets.
  • Tile Lasts Longer and Are Durable – Tiles can last for decades while most kinds of carpet start to wear out after about 6 years. But of course, the lifespan of your tile depends on proper care and maintenance. If you are purchasing tiles for high traffic areas such as kitchens and living room, you will want to invest in a tougher tile.
  • Tile Is Easy to Clean and Repair – Tile requires very low maintenance. With just a simple mopping with soap and water, it will get the job done. Carpets require a professional steam cleaning service and if you get a stain on your carpet, you have to replace the entire piece. But when a tile gets damaged, you can simply remove and replace those tiles while leaving the rest of the tiles untouched.
  • Tile Has a Very Wide Design Selection – Tile patterns can be mixed and match according to your unique taste. You can also match different colors, shapes, and sizes to create the look you want. This is something you can’t do with carpets.
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