Channeling the 80’s with Memphis Design

Whether you’re looking for living room tiles in Delray Beach or bathroom tiles in Doral, D&B Tile has your back. As part of our mission to help you find the perfect tile, we always want to take note of the latest design trends. 

Recently, our friends at Atlas Concorde discussed the growing resurgence of 80's design aesthetics. We thought this presented a great opportunity to dig deeper into Memphis design, looking both at its visual flourishes and the philosophy that drove it.

Bringing Memphis Design into Your Home 

When thinking about 80’s aesthetics, you’re likely to envision something inspired by Memphis Design. Founded in 1981, the movement was defined by its: 

  • Bold colors 
  • Geometric shapes 
  • Bacterio (squiggles) 

There are several ways to bring these flourishes into your home. 

If you want to capture the appeal of bright colors, we recommend choosing contrasting tiles, since this helps the color stand out. 

For geometric shapes, you might choose to go beyond squares and rectangles, adding triangles or circles to the mix. If you let a designer or tile supplier know that you’d like an aesthetic that reflects the Memphis style, it’s worth picking out your favorite elements. Are you inspired by something specific, such as the geometric shapes, or do you want to hew as closely as possible to all the movement’s major elements? 

This helps ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for. 

Taking Inspiration from the Ideals of Memphis Design 

No trend lasts forever, but the impact of design movements is felt through the decades. If you’re not a fan of the bold, bright colors — or you just want to understand the meaning behind the visuals — it’s interesting to look at what inspired the original designers. 

To start, it’s important to note that they didn’t actually come from Memphis. Instead, they were Italian designers, inspired by a fusion of Pop Art and Art Deco to move away from the staider palettes, shapes, and ideas that were in vogue at the time.  

More than anything, the movement wanted to follow strong ideas. 

When the founder of Memphis Design, Ettore Sottsass, left the group, he said, “Every strong idea lasts a very short time. Strong ideas are strong, but they cannot be developed, they are what they are. They come down like bolts of lightning, they are there, but finite.” 

Or, to quote George Sowden, another Memphis designer, “There is no such thing as Memphis style. Memphis is an attitude.” 

If you have an idea for your home or business, it’s worth speaking with professionals who can help you envision it. They can use their expertise to bring your strong ideas to life. 

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