Glass Tile Delray Beach | How Glass Tiles Can Make Your Small Space Look Bigger

Small rooms can feel uncomfortable and confining. Keep in mind that when designing a small kitchen or bathroom, everything counts. If you know how to simply apply a few clever tricks through certain design concepts, you can fool the eye and make your small living spaces seem much more spacious than they are. It all comes down to arranging your furniture, lighting, color techniques, and applying glass tile Delray Beach sizes to your advantage.

Wall and Floor Tiles to Make Any Room Look Bigger

Choosing the right wall and floor tiles can make a huge difference especially when space is limited. Whether it’s in the living, kitchen or bathroom, you can give the illusion of more space using glass tiles.
  • Opt for Light-Colored Tiles – Lighter shades of wall and floor tiles will reflect light which will visually open up space. Darker tile shades absorb light which will make the room feel smaller.
  • Choose Large Format Floor Tiles – Larger tiles gives the eye the illusion to make the room look bigger rather than smaller. Smaller tiles with comparatively more grout lines will increase how busy and limited the design looks.
  • Choose Glossy Wall or Floor Tiles – Glazed tiles make the room feel larger while matte tiles absorb light.
  • Go for Plain Tiles – Going for plainer or subtly-patterned tiles is recommended if you want to avoid making small space feel cramped. Heavily-patterned tiles will only make your room visually ramped up.
  • Go for Matching Wall and Floor Tiles – Matching or similarly toned tiles will make a room appear larger. If you put in contrasting tiles shades, the tile tone will visually reduce the already small space.

Why Tile Shape Matters

Tile sizes and shapes can greatly affect the feel of a space. If you want smaller spaces around the house to appear wider, diagonal tiles can help you achieve that purpose. Lighting, well-placed mirrors, and multi-functional furniture can do wonders and are essential elements in opening up space. If you have access to natural light, you can add in large windows to instantly connect the room with the outdoors. who offers glass tile delray beach?

Can’t Decide What Glass Tile Delray Beach to Choose for Your Small Room?

If you are having a hard time deciding which tile would help maximize your already limited space, let our D&B Tile team help you with that. We have wide a wide glass tile Delray Beach collection in varied colors, sizes, and patterns that you can choose from. Visit us today or contact us for more information.